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So far, Men's Health Personal Trainer has helped over 100,000 guys build tons of quality muscle while burning off an equally impressive amount of fat with the perfect combination of nutrition and exercise. With it, you'll get all the online tools and customized, expert Men's Health advice you need to achieve your fitness goals.

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First, you'll choose from MORE THAN 45 PERSONALIZED WORKOUT PLANS created by the experts at Men's Health magazine. Want to lose those last 10 pounds? Build muscle or improve endurance? Use our workout selector to define your fitness goals and we'll recommend the plan that's right for you.

Over 20 Meal Plans!

Then our MEAL PLAN SELECTOR will walk you through your food preferences so you can create a menu that matches your fitness, lifestyle, and weight control goals.

You'll get a weekly meal plan that includes menus, recipes, nutrition information, and printable shopping lists. You can personalize the nutrition plan to your preferences, and foods, meals, and recipes can be swapped out easily.

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Time-saving interactive tools allow you to log your meals and fitness activities and keep track of your progress against your goals.

Access it anywhere 24/7 with the personal companion iPhone® app.

In a university study, dieters who kept a food record lost
3.5 pounds
more than those who didn't keep a log. Tracking your progress keeps you motivated and accountable to yourself to push your body to its limits!

Achieve the perfect form
with over
exercise demo videos.

Pump up your workouts with power-packed exercises and craft incredible muscle all over your body. The editors at Men's Health have combined their extensive knowledge in an online trainer to bring you the best muscle-building advice that will lead to massive arms, a cut core, rock-hard abs, and full-body strength!

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Men's Health Personal Trainer Online CUSTOMIZED FITNESS PROGRAMS

Designed just for you every week, the program will automatically adjust based on your progress and current weight.

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Men's Health Personal Trainer is the new answer to online fitness!
With this amazing, interactive online trainer, you'll have the expertise of ALL the Men's Health editors and experts combined with the most advanced fitness tools on the Web and the support of an entire online community!

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