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Target your trouble zones and get a metabolic boost that burns more calories per minute both during and after your workout than a traditional cardio weightlifting routine.

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Define and strengthen your upper body

Build overall power and explosiveness

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Pack on 2X THE MUSCLE in Half the Time! Pack on 2X THE MUSCLE in Half the Time!Forget your old "one- exercise-at-a-time" routine padded with rest breaks. With 30 Days to RIPPED, you'll use circuits, cardio, and supersets to pummel your muscles. While one muscle group recovers, another is working, reducing the need for rest. You will accomplish two times the workout in the same amount of time!

Push Your Limits and Set A NEW PR! Your body can adapt quickly to the same routine, stalling your progress and keeping you from hitting your goals. 30 Days to RIPPED is an evolving routine that pushes your limits so you never plateau. As you progress each week, you'll increase your sets and reps, be able to use more weight, and perform exercises with ease that used to be challenging.

"By forcing your body to work in different ways using the 30 Days to RIPPED program, you are building endurance and quality strength and keeping your brain guessing. You will get stronger faster!"

— David Jack


Only in 30 Days to RIPPED, you'll find these exclusive routines:

Challenge yourself with this grueling upper-body superset that gets tougher as the program progresses, so you will grow bigger and stronger all over in just 30 days.

Improve your cardiovascular fitness and chisel your core at the same time when you try this new sweat-inducing, abs-revealing circuit. No more boring treadmill or elliptical slogs to log your cardio.

Track your progress every week with a timed three-move routine. Try to beat your score and share it with the Men's Health Personal Trainer community to see how you measure up with your fellow users.

In just 30 days, you'll create a ripped, muscular physique that looks like the product of hours a day at the gym. But with the Men's Health 30 Days to RIPPED workout program, you can make a total-body transformation in only 40 minutes or less, 3 days a week! When you add that up, you’re only spending 1.5 days of work for a brand-new body in 30 days. MINIMUM time, MAXIMUM results! 30 Days to RIPPED is the ultimate fitness performance package.

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