What happens when the nation's top strength coach and the experts at Men's Health team up to create a cutting-edge fat-loss workout? You get The Men's Health Calorie Crush—an all-new 28-day plan that will make your fat cells cry and your muscles scream.

And The End Result: The Lean, Ripped Body You Want!

Designed by Robert dos Remedios, C.S.C.S., past winner of the NSCA Collegiate Strength Coach of the Year award, The Men's Health Calorie Crush uses the very latest training techniques to ignite a fat-burning firestorm in your body.

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And The End Result: The Lean, Ripped Body You Want!
Meet Your Coach:Meet Your Coach:

Robert dos Remedios, C.S.C.S., is the author of Men's Health Power Training and Cardio Strength Training. Dos Remedios is the highly acclaimed strength coach at College of the Canyons and winner of the prestigious NSCA Collegiate Strength Coach of the Year award. (His competition for the award was coaches at all colleges and universities—USC, Michigan, Notre Dame, Alabama, you name it.) Dos Remedios is famous in the fitness industry for two simple words: “Do work.” Read: Quit spending your time searching for a workout—instead, get to work! Take his advice and test-drive The Men's Health Calorie Crush. Try it FREE for 30 days.

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You Don't Get Just One Workout: You Get A Terrible Trifecta Of Dos Remedios's Newest Metabolic Routines. With The Men's Health Calorie Crush, You'll:
Punish Your Body Fat With Dos Remedios's 30:30 Routine!

It's a lung-busting circuit of 30-second intervals for 25 minutes straight. When we measured calorie burn with a heart rate monitor, one Men's Health editor torched 361 calories, while his average heart rate was 86% of his max for the entire workout.

Whip Your Lungs Back Into Shape!

Dos Remedios puts a new spin on a classic weight-training circuit and turns it into a total-body challenge that will test both your mind and body. Will you relent—or will you push harder than ever? This 30-minute workout burned 421 calories.

Torture Your Muscles With A Single Dumbbell!

Dos Remedios will show you how a "metabolic complex" will make your muscles beg for mercy with just one weight. When we tried this incredibly efficient workout in the Men's Health lab, it took just 17 minutes and resulted in a fast and furious calorie-burn of 215 calories! (Not enough for you? You can always just roll through it again.)

The Men's Health Calorie Crush Also Helps You: It Gets Better!

Because Dos Remedios's workouts are based in weight training, you'll not only crush calories during the workout, but also elevate your calorie burn and fat burn for hours afterward. In fact, research shows that workouts like The Men's Health Calorie Crush increase the rate at which your body burns fat by 22 percent.

The Men's Health Calorie Crush Also Helps You:
  • Sculpt Lean Muscle! Create definition all over for a ripped look.
  • Fry Fat! You will bring together two unstoppable forces — increasing muscle and decreasing fat.
  • Torch Calories! Boost your metabolism every second of the day — not just when you are working out.
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