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Can you survive the most challenging SPARTACUS WORKOUT?Warning! This workout will kick your ass!

Thousands of men have torched fat and packed on insane amounts of muscle with SPARTACUS workouts. They’ve repeatedly told us that these are the most challenging — but effective — workouts they’ve ever done. Now, we dare you to try the fifth installment in the most popular workout series in Men’s Health history.

Get Rock Hard & Ripped faster than you ever thought possible!

Get Rock Hard & Ripped faster than you ever thought possible!With the previous high-intensity Spartacus workouts, you burned fat and sculpted muscle. But with SPARTACUS 5.0, you’ll complete TWO turbocharged workouts that ignite muscle growth, rev your metabolism, and accelerate fat loss FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE.

How did we do it? We jacked up the intensity level even higher! This time around, you’ll do advanced total-body movements with heavier weights for shorter bursts of time. Top trainers recently discovered that a combination of decreased interval lengths, more weight, maximum effort, and increased reps is the best way to keep your heart rate elevated and your internal calorie-burning furnace firing at full blast. That means you’ll strip off your gut and pack on chiseled slabs of lean muscle mass IN LESS TIME!

The revolutionary SPARTACUS 5.0 workout will help you:

Incinerate calories at a blistering pace!
Estimates from the University of Southern Maine show that SPARTACUS 5.0–style workouts can burn as many calories as running at a 6-minute-per-mile pace. But unlike aerobic exercise, Spartacus workouts boost your metabolism for up to 48 hours. So your body burns more calories every second of the day — not just when you’re working out.

Lose 40 percent more fat!
In a study at the University of Connecticut, researchers compared dieters who performed aerobic exercise to those who also did resistance training. The result: Both groups lost nearly the same amount of weight — about 21 pounds per person in 12 weeks. But the group who did resistance training — like you will in the SPARTACUS 5.0 workout — lost 40 percent more fat! How? The aerobics-only exercisers didn’t just lose fat — they lost 5 pounds of metabolism-revving muscle.

get in shape faster!
A study at the University of Hawaii found that a SPARTACUS 5.0–style circuit workout raises your heart rate 15 beats per minute higher than does running at 60 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. So you’ll get the cardiovascular benefits of a good run, while shaping every muscle in your body.

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