Get Lean. Gain Muscle. Boost Strength.
Get Lean. Gain Muscle. Boost Strength. Get the body you want from the experts you trust... Men's Health Personal Trainer

Did you ever wish you could have a personal trainer standing over you and watching your every exercise? A nutritionist coaching you on every bite of food you eat? Both of them helping you achieve the greatest fitness results of your life with no wasted time or effort?

If so, Men's Health Personal Trainer is the answer to your prayers! With this amazing, interactive online trainer, you'll have the expertise of ALL the Men's Health editors and experts combined with the most advanced fitness tools on the web, and the support of an entire online community.


First you'll choose from MORE THAN 30 PERSONALIZED WORKOUT PLANS created by the experts at Men's Health magazine. Want to lose those last 10 pounds? Build muscle or improve endurance? Finally get the six-pack abs you've always wanted? Use our workout selector to define your fitness goals and we'll recommend the plan that's right for you.

Then our MEAL PLAN SELECTOR will walk you through your food preferences so you can create a menu that matches your fitness, lifestyle, and weight control goals. You'll get a weekly meal plan that includes menus, recipes, nutrition information, and printable shopping lists. You can personalize the nutrition plan to your dietary preferences, and foods, meals, and recipes can be swapped out easily.

And that's just the start. Each week we will create a CUSTOMIZED FITNESS PROGRAM designed just for you that will automatically adjust based on your progress and current weight.

  • Time-saving interactive tools allow you to log your meals and fitness activities and keep track of your progress against your goals.
  • Get expert advice — from the editors of Men's Health.
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  • Access it anywhere with companion iPhone app.
  • Achieve perfect form with over 1,000 exercise demo videos.
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So far Men's Health Personal Trainer has helped over 100,000 guys build tons of quality muscle while burning off an equally impressive amount of fat with the perfect combination of nutrition and exercise. If you want breakthrough results from your workout with no wasted time, hire Men's Health Personal Trainer. With it, you'll get all the online tools and customized, expert Men's Health advice you need to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Carve out an amazing six-pack
  • Build rock-hard arms and shoulders
  • Sculpt a chiseled chest
  • Incinerate stubborn fat
  • Boost your edge on the playing field
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Men's Health Personal Trainer gives you exclusive access to over 30 of the best workouts and diet programs that Men's Health magazine has to offer! This includes all of the most popular and effective programs from some of the best-known names in fitness:

The Spartacus Workouts
24-Hour Abs
28-Day Fat Torch
Testosterone Advantage Plan

You can use these workouts directly or pick and choose to customize the ultimate workout and diet program for you! Plus, as innovative new programs are developed, you'll get access to these too — for no additional cost. That means you'll always have access to some of the most advanced, effective workouts in the world.

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Designed by expert nutritionists, your online "nutrition mentor" knows how much you weigh and what, how much, and even when you should eat to keep your metabolism and energy revving high all day! Using this information, it suggests your best possible choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. It even gives you shopping lists to make it as easy as possible to eat right.

Gone is the guesswork and confusion. Your diet is now tailor-made to take off pounds while boosting your health!

Picky eater? Well, you've picked the perfect tool, because Men's Health Personal Trainer respects your preferences and will suggest on command different foods and dishes that you'll like and still give you the right protein, calories, and vitamins — the works. It's like having a personal chef/sports nutritionist!

You'll eat great — even as you strip away pounds of fat — on the diet plans and menus that are a key component of Men's Health Personal Trainer!

There's no counting calories or grams of this and that
Enjoy steak, burgers, pasta, pizza, and beer!
Eat more often and never go hungry

Steak Fajitas

Steak Fajitas

Turkey Avocado Burgers

Turkey Avocado Burgers

Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp

Chicken a la Prosciutto

Chicken à la Prosciutto

Finally get the body you want,
Finally get the body you want,the body you deserve, with no more wasted time, effort, and energy!
the body you deserve, with no more wasted time, effort, and energy!
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