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Take the V-Shape Shortcut today! Take the V-Shape Shortcut today!
V-Shape Shortcut - Build the Body Women Want!

Yes, women love fit guys. But what, exactly, do they love most about them? More than any other feature, women want their man to have a V-shaped torso. Studies actually show that women are most drawn to muscular men whose shoulders measure 1.6 times the size of their waist. In fact, according to science, this is the formula for a perfect V-shape.

That's why we challenged Martin Rooney, C.S.C.S.—a Men's Health adviser and one of the world's top trainers—to create a cutting-edge training plan that will chisel your torso into the ultimate, lady-killing V-shape. We call it the V-Shape Shortcut and it will help you build:

Thicker Lats!

Discover the secrets of how to sculpt a V-shaped torso and boost your overall strength.

Boulder Shoulders!

Add mass to your shoulders and make your waist appear thinner.

Bulging Biceps!

Learn the guaranteed method to building bigger biceps faster.

Sculpted Abs!

Carve lean chiseled abs with this ultra-efficient workout.

With Rooney's program, you'll not only pack on slabs of muscle but increase your strength in ALL of your lifts! Yes, all of them!

The rewards of this workout far exceed the work you put in. With the V-Shape Shortcut, you'll see that Rooney's targeted plan will have a dramatic imapct your physique.

Just 4 weeks into the workout, you'll notice that your proportions are inching ever closer to the V-shape that women swoon over. "I designed this workout very precisely. Each exercise works in cohesion to strengthen and build every single area of the back from different angles and with different motions," says Rooney. "The reason is because it'll help guys build that perfect V-shape, and they'll do it quicker." The benefits go far beyond a beefier back. The V-Shape Shortcut will also help you:

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