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Discover ALL the Workouts Created for the Actors on the Starz Show Spartacus: Vengeance!

In Spartacus: Vengeance, the actors are called to portray legends like Spartacus, who rose up against oppression to fight for his freedom. To do that, they had to build strong, ripped, sexy physiques worthy to create a credible character in front of millions of viewers.
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In response to that need, the Spartacus Workout was born. This breakthrough workout took ordinary actors and transformed their bodies into muscle-bound, ripped warriors of the past. Now it's your turn! You can use this exclusive workout to transform your body the same way — and get the same amazing results!
Because this workout doesn't just work out your muscles. It pushes them to the absolute limits — and works secondary and connector muscles you didn't even know you had.

Today, the workouts developed for every season of Spartacus have been brought together in one comprehensive series of workouts: Spartacus Evolution! You'll get over 40 exercises, so you'll never get bored and never get stuck on a plateau.
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Burn Fat Heroically to get the rock-hard, ripped look of the actors on the show.
  Create Rock-Hard Abs a six-pack capable of standing up in battle and attracting fair maidens.  
  Build Awesome Muscle to give you size, strength, and ripped definition beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.  
  Unleash Your Inner Warrior!
You'll push your overall fitness to a whole new level and get a body better than you've ever dreamed.
  With Spartacus Evolution you'll do advanced combination exercises with strength-training intervals to maximize calorie burn in the shortest possible workout time. You'll get FOUR different workouts, each designed to provide your muscles with a steady stream of new stimuli — so your body can't adapt (and plateau). As a result, you'll see continuously strong results over a long period of time.  
This workout is challenging, but with Men's Health Personal Trainer, you can survive ... and Get LEGENDARY RESULTS!
Try Men's Health Personal Trainer FREE for 30 days! Click here!
Try Men's Health Personal Trainer FREE for 30 days! Click here!
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