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    Men's Health Personal Trainer Gives You All This...  
  Customized Personal Advice!
You'll get expert advice and
based on your own
preferences, not a "cookie cutter"
approach that might work for
some other guy. For example, if
you want larger biceps, you might be told to break away from the traditional biceps curl and do a Dumbbell Side Lunge to Biceps Curl, which can work the muscle in a new way — providing the stimulus that can break you out of your plateau and erase muscle memory.
    Men's Health Workout Experts ... Plus a
Workout Support Team.
You can get expert advice on Spartacus and talk to other guys who are doing the workout with you.
    Advanced Diet & Fitness Tools to Keep You
on Track!
You can set a target for calories in vs. calories burned to help you stay focused on your fitness goals.
    Online Tools to Help You Make the Most of Spartacus Evolution! You'll get an entire collection of tools, including a Daily Calorie Intake Calculator, Calories Burned Calculator, "How Many
Calories" tool (to look up the calories in
any meal, anywhere), and much more!
    Mobile Access! You can even access
your Men’s Health Personal Trainer via
mobile apps to use anywhere!
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to push your body to its limits
and give you amazing
These workouts
can be done individually or
consecutively as you gain
more raw power to
challenge yourself.
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You'll have 4 workouts and dozens of exercises to choose from, so you'll never get tired of the same old exercises.

With so many exercises to choose from, you can pick and choose those exercises that target your goal areas. Want huge arms? Now you've got 40 exercises just for that. Want ripped abs? Take your pick of 40 exercises that target your gut.

NEVER PLATEAU AGAIN! When you push your body hard, it will eventually push back. But with Spartacus Evolution, you can simply switch to a different workout and keep moving forward toward your ultimate goal — a legendary body worthy of Spartacus!

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Learn More! Sign Up Now! Click hereTry Men's Health Personal Trainer FREE for 30 days! Click here!
Try Men's Health Personal Trainer FREE for 30 days! Click here!
Try Men's Health Personal Trainer FREE for 30 days! Click here!

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